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If you are a broker, principal, or fellow professional winemaker interested in purchasing quantities of premium wine, click here.Our sister site for brokers, principals, and fellow professional winemakers to buy our family's winegrapes.Business Hours and Map to the Winery. Also look at the "Intersections Guide" so you don't get lost.An online tour of the vineyards, winemaking facilities, tasting room and art gallery, precipitation history, industry links.The wildlife art gallery, wine label collection, original paintings for sale, and more art for sale.Laura's custom framing shop will frame your family heirlooms - make an appointment soon.Current releases of dry reds and "fun and yummy" sweet wines.Current news, our flyer, recipes, and dozens of illustrated stories about winemaking and field work. Good reading!Order form for shipping - you must be 21 years of age.
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Welcome to an old-fashioned rancher's "blog." Our heritage of sustainable forestry means that we know plants. This is how we do things. NEW: Olive Oil. ALSO: Narcissus; Vinegar; Recipes; UPDATE: Rock Wall in Sierra Heritage Magazine! VISITORS: Guide
Full Bloom!Stories Mostly about our Heritage and the Farm Bureau
Amador CountyIn Honor of Laura Helen Spinetta
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What's the Story? Things We Try to Answer... And More
Electric Pruning '09 How do you keep up? (Compare to '00 article.)
Pruning & Mowing '00 Why cut canes off the plants? Mowing vs. disking - we did it before it was "green" to do it.
Tying Up, Budding Out Dress in style for fieldwork. What are the ribbons for? Do new and old vines grow the same?
Springtime in the Vines Do grapes grow fast? Do you weed a vineyard? Is a late frost bad? How are the cows?
Grafting Grapevines How do you keep up with market demand?
Replants What happens when old vines die?
Vineyard Layout What is crown thinning, hedging, offset planting and what is spray coverage?
Grape Tasting! What do the grapes taste like? Check during Harvest.
Chenin Blanc Harvest When do you pick grapes? What happens to the stems, skins and seeds? How's the wine / juice?
C. B. Bottling Line What happens on a mobile bottling line?
H. R. Bottling Line This is an older story - look at the CB line above.
What's the Story? Things We Try to Answer... And More
New Rock Walls '09 A new page - also read the 2001 article below.
Rock Walls '01 Updated - What do we do with rocks in the vineyard?
The Agave Blooms What else grows out there? It's a maguey.
Chestnuts & More What else do you grow on the ranch?
Snow!! What does snow do to the vines?
Vineyard Animals There's wildlife in the gallery - what about the vineyard?
Winery Wastewater How do we care for our water? Organic Methods?
Wood for Winter How do we stay warm? Pigeon Creek Nature Area.
Chenin Blanc's 21st! Happy 21st Birthday to the Fun and Yummy!
We encourage you to visit the CFBF website to read more about the goings on in modern day agriculture. Consider yourself cordially invited to join the Farm Bureau -- look for your local county's group on their website. Everyone is eligible to apply for Farm Bureau membership. Ask your local FB about benefits – locally, we save money on propane and emergency airlifts. Read about the Nov. 14, 2004 broadcast on California Country Television (a Farm Bureau show) that follows the last day of harvest in Spinetta Family Vineyards. Read about the 2002 Leadership Farm Bureau program. Read about the Young Farmers and Ranchers 2005 meet. And more below! Farm Bureau
What's the Story? Things We Try to Answer... And More
Olive Oil Why does Phil Bava like making great olive oil?
Red Wine Vinegar Where did the vinegar come from? RECIPES!
Recipes with Wine Gathering up recipes from your family and ours!
Butterfly Garden How do you pass on your ideas about agriculture to the local community?
AgAlert Article 2006 Harvest Article
California Agriculture Heritage Club How long have you been farming in Amador County?
Young Farmers Meet What happened at the 2005 meet?
Jim wins FB award Amador Ledger Dispatch Article by Kiel Lamar.
Farm Bureau Program What is the CFBF Leadership Farm Bureau program?
AgCredit Article Farmers and Gov't - Communications Advocacy Program
Harvest on T.V.! California Country Television covers our last day of harvest in 2004. Check local listings.
Website Easter Egg The page on the website that was hidden for 10 years.
Decades of Weather What's the precipitation history for your region?
What's the Story? Things We Try to Answer... And More
Wood Duck Boxes Do you have a wildlife habitat in your vineyard?
For Veterinarians... Do you have pictures of pets there?
Federal Duck Stamp When did Sherrie win the Federal Duck Stamp Contest?
Art Gallery Tour Visitors: What does it look like inside that there building?
Art from the Vines Images of Spinetta Family Vineyards.
2003 Amador Co. Fair Lois painted the booth this year...
2002 Amador Co. Fair "Roundup the Red, White, and Blue" See the booth!
2001 Amador Co. Fair A Cow Abducted by Aliens!
2000 Amador Co. Fair Charles & Jeff Runquist at the Fair. Garbage can art.
Spinetta Wildlife Award Supporting the creativity of local kids.
Roosevelt Handkerchief A custom framing job the President would approve!
What's the Story? Things We Try to Answer... And More
Where's Steiner Road? I'M LOST! Visual aid to local intersections.
Our Picnic Grounds Can we have a picnic at your place? Yes!
Steiner Road Daffodils When should I visit? What will I see? Part One
Steiner Road Narcissus Images of the March 2009 Bloom! Part Two
Stockton Record Article Who are the Grape Growers? Why Amador is nice to visit. How many stoplights does Amador County have? (2009 Update: 11 stoplights.)
Chenin Blanc Wins! Chenin Blanc Wins Best Wine in the Mother Lode
Zinetta Wins! Zinetta Wins Top Honors at the Consumer Wine Awards
Voted Best Winery Thanks to all our visitors for this honor!
Zinetta Review Mike Dunne reviews Zinetta on the Sacramento Bee website.
Firefighters! Support your local volunteer firefighters!
Amador County
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