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First stop – the crest of Jim's vineyard. Finished in summer '07.

West Side - Nice view.
East Side - Fallen flag.
Water Tower - Water flows to kitchen sink.
Teepee - Looking up inside (1 of 3 tps on ranch.)
Vineyards Image
Closeup of Fort - That cannon is pointed at the manzanita wall!
Living Room - It looks like one of the flags got blown over.
Bedroom - A comfortable granite and mortar bed if you have a bad back.
Kitchen - For all your vineyard needs!
Rock Wall
Mike and Jim raced to see who could finish their project first. As of Jan 2009, the Manzanita Tree Wall and Castle are in a dead heat. To the right, you can see the "Castle." It is ENORMOUS. Jim used mortar for this project, and built it in winter of 2009 -- we're taking advantage of the drought by working outside on projects we'd normally do in the heat of summer. Plus, Jim's would be submerged if the pond weren't nearly empty -- his is on the inside of the dam.
Next in line for this wall... stairs... still finishing up... soon...
Piles of Rocks in a Drought - There's supposed to be water in this pond.
Piles of Rock Becoming a Castle - Note the Duck Nest resting on the left bank
DUCKS! - Matthew and Sarah raise ducks for 4H.
Close Up - When the pond's full, it will just drift into the sitting area, perfect for fishing and there's a "pool" and all kinds of luxuries here.
Rock Wall
The site is about 28' x 12' and is on a hill crest, directly in front of the moon rising above the Sierra Nevadas in fall. The construction had not yet commenced in this fall 2008 photo, and that thirty year old manzanita tree now has hundreds of narcissus under it. Mostly sand and gravel were added to the inside area of the wall to allow drainage for the roots. Amber, Mike's daughter, enjoys eating pomegranates there - they buried a secret time capsule there, too.
Next for this wall...some kind of fort...
The Manzanita Pruned Up - It's as old as the builder...
The Manzanita Pruned Up - with a Wall - Looks different?
300 Daffodils Blooming - A little girl's dreamworld. Center filled with sand and drained with gravel so as not to rot the manzanita's roots.
North Side - At right -- the table and bench to be built on the blue boulder.
Aloe Vera - A natural med station for sunburns in the vineyard...
This one's built by Jim - it's been around since the 80's - the ground squirrels use it as a lookout in our Zinfandel vineyard.
This is all that remains of a rock wall that Jim built back when he was 8 years old. In the tradition of the Romans, he took from this rock wall and built his "Cactus Wall."
Angel spies a deer on the way down to the turnaround. We widened our fire break during the drought of 2008 - the canyon hasn't burned in almost 80 years - the deer is at the break's edge. Imagine What the Turnaround Wall Will Look Like - Click here to see a pile of rocks!
Wheels on Wall in Snow - larger image. One of the many paintings.
More pages with rock walls...
The Agave (Maguey) Blooms A rock wall with a century plant on it.
Snow!! Neat pictures of vines and walls in the snow.
Butterfly Garden Concrete block & rock walls Mike built.
Rock Walls Cactus Wall, Wheels Walls, Mike's Wall, Winery Walls
Art from the Vines Rock Wall paintings.
Our Picnic Grounds Picnic near rock walls!
Amador County
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