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Award Winners! The fair is a good ol' country experience. The big wine tasting and growers' barbeque takes over the grounds on Friday night. Jeff Runquist (pictured far left), owner of Jeff Runquist Wines), received "Best Red" on his 1998 Zinfandel. Charles shows our gold medal winning 1996 Barbera.
The prisoners at Mule Creek and the Amador County Arts Council constructed wooden "houses" to fit the many 55 gallon trash drums around the fairgrounds. Mike painted one. Click links to make images appear.
Front: Taken from a Swamp Thing (read your DC Comics!) comic book (#122?) and changed around to suit our locality. The crushed berries come alive out of their wooden push-down barrels. Workers clad in obligatory yellow rubber aprons look on in amazement!

Right Side: High-falutant descriptions of wines weigh heavy on the fun of drinking good tasting wine. Instead of the typical Belgian goat cheese with rye crackers, a sandwich and chips are placed with the wine. Four elemental nymphs - Earth, Air, Fire & Water surround the edibles.
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"Is it...An award-winning...German style wine by a 13th generation Spanish winemaker in the Italio-Grecian tradition??? Do the...Chilean varietals age for 20 months in barrels made from organically-grown French Oak trees? AND DO ITS...jammy textures weave well with a fresh ham sandwich & domestic brands of tortilla chip?"

Back: A Glassy Winged Sharpshooter trap (SEE BELOW) with angry bugs stuck on it.
1st Bug: "We followed these guys through Georgia, Texas, Mexico, and even Brazil for this? This is worse than those environmentally minded pesticide-free communes you Admired so much! Just how much do you know about these vectors?" 2nd Bug: "You've wanted to see California again for over 100 years! 'Less birds, more ag, and a fractured climate!' you said. 'Thank humans' invasive need for material exchange!' And it was your Class "A" idea to land on this 'pretty yellow paper!' I hope you gag on starthistle!"

Left Side: Gold and blue paint mixed with glitter so it sparkles!

Inside: Leftover paint! Click here to see more of Michael's art.

_____The Glassy Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) carries Pierce's Disease (PD) which stifles the flow of water in a plant's xylem. Grapes are especially susceptible to PD, and once a plant has it, it's done for. There is no PD in Amador County. Host List For GWSS as of 06/00: Sorted by Common Name. "Abelia* Almond Apple Apricot Arborvitae Arbutus* Ash* Asparagus Avocado* Birch Blackberry Blackgum Boneset Bottle tree* Bottlebrush* Bougainvillea* Boxwood Cactus* Camellia Camphor tree* Cape honeysuckle* Carob* Carolina laurel cherry* Carrot wood* Catalina cherry* Catalpa Champak* Cheeseweed Cherry Cherry laurel Chicksaw plum Chinaberry Chinese elm* Citrus* Cocklebur Coffeeweed* Coral tree* Corkscrew willow Corn Cotoneaster Cotton Cottonwood* Cowpea Crape myrtle* Cycad* Dogfennel Elaeagnus Elderberry* Escallonia* Eucalyptus* Euonymus* Evening primrose Fig Gladiolus Goldenglow Goldenrod Grape* Hardenbergia* Heavenly bamboo* Hibiscus* Holly Hollyhock* Horseweed* Japanese jasmine Johnsongrass* Lambsquarter* Laurel sumac* Lettuce, wild Loquat* Macadamia* Magnolia* Maidenhair tree* Mallow Milkweed Mulberry* Myoporum* Oak* Okra* Oleander Olive* Orchid tree* Osmanthus* Peach Pear Philodendron Photinia Pigweed Pine Pineapple* Pittosporum Plum (cultivated) Plum, chicksaw Plum, cultivated Podocarpus* Pokeweed Privet* Pyracantha/Firethorn Ragweed Redbud* Sassafras Senna* Silk tree Sowthistle Strawberry tree* Sumac* Sunflower* Sweet bay* Sweetgum Sycamore* Tree Tobacco* Tristania* Trumpet creeper Trumpet flower* Tung Tupidanthus* Umbrella tree* Viburnum* Walnut Wild bergamot Wild lettuce Willow, Corkscrew Wisteria Yaupon Yucca "*Oviposition hosts are indicated with an asterisk. Shipments of the plants listed above should be considered to present a risk of moving live GWSS, except when in the form of buds, bulbs, corms, cut flowers, cut foliage, pips, seeds, stolons, or tubers. The host list will be updated as more information becomes available about the host preferences of GWSS. This list should not be interpreted as a list of plants to remove to protect areas from Pierce's disease." Taken from: Sharpshooter Trap
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