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If you are a broker, principal, or fellow professional winemaker interested in purchasing quantities of premium wine, click here.Our sister site for brokers, principals, and fellow professional winemakers to buy our family's winegrapes.Business Hours and Map to the Winery. Also look at the "Intersections Guide" so you don't get lost.An online tour of the vineyards, winemaking facilities, tasting room and art gallery, precipitation history, industry links.The wildlife art gallery, wine label collection, original paintings for sale, and more art for sale.Laura's custom framing shop will frame your family heirlooms - make an appointment soon.Current releases of dry reds and "fun and yummy" sweet wines.Current news, our flyer, recipes, and dozens of illustrated stories about winemaking and field work. Good reading!Order form for shipping - you must be 21 years of age.
We invite winery principals and reputable brokers to inquire regarding our premium bulk wine program.

We have twenty years of experience as a "winemaker's winemaker" employing techniques and equipment that emphasize gentle handling of fruit and juice.

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Principals and brokers may contact Charles Spinetta at (209) 245-3384 to taste our wine and tour the winemaking facilities and vineyards.
For sale as of MARCH 2020:
2017 Zinfandel 4200 gallons
2018 Barbera 5300 gallons
2017 Primitivo 4000 gallons
Varietals: Zinfandel, Barbera, Primitivo, Black Muscat Appellation: Amador County or Shenandoah Valley of California
All wines are cold stabilized and racked. All red wines are bone dry and finished malolactic fermentation. All winegrapes are sourced from our valuable low-tonnage, head-pruned estate vines grafted on St. George (phylloxera resistant) rootstock. The fruit is hand picked into half ton bins and inspected by a winery principal.
Our Sister Web Site for Brokers, Principals, and Fellow Winemakers
Our sister site for brokers, principals, and fellow professional winemakers to buy our family's winegrapes. Principals and brokers wishing to purchase 2020 winegrapes, contact Charles or Jim Spinetta. Visit our vineyard site.
Barbera 2020 harvest - 30 tons - Call us - All figures avg 3 tons per acre
Primitivo 2020 harvest - 75 tons - Call us - All figures avg 3 tons per acre
Zin 2020 harvest - 100 tons - Call us - All figures avg 3 tons per acre
Black Muscat 2020 harvest - 10 tons - Call us - All figures avg 3 tons per acre
Amador County
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